Solar Ovens

The Cameroon Sustainable Sun Bakeries Program will establish, equip, train and implement self-sustaining bakery enterprises. Each bakery will employ 7-10 women to prepare, bake, sell, and deliver goods baked in a solar powered oven. Each sustainable sun bakery will fill the need for fresh, locally prepared bread and other goods


To introduce the environmentally friendly concept of solar cooking as one of renewable energy sources. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from using firewood and charcoal cooking and protect biodiversity of forests.

To empower rural women by helping them to  start their own business and create employment opportunities

To test financial sustainability of a renewable technology, by saving the proceeds from sales and reinvesting in new equipment.


1. Environmental Benefits
More than 90% of Cameroon’s total energy consumption is derived from biomass. The use of an oven powered by the sun allows for enormous volumes of baked goods to be prepared without further damaging the already fragile environment. The bakery is expected to eliminate 277.5 tons CO2 .It also makes substantial cuts in firewood consumption and encroachment into protected forest areas.

 2. Economic Benefits
It will open up a new source of income for poor Cameroonian women who derive little income from the sale of agricultural crops etc.              

3.Social Benefits
The project would equally improve health conditions as smoke from firewood is unhealthy and causes respiratory infections and dizziness.

Programme Sponsors: UNEP/Wuppertal CSCP GERMANY.


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